Aquarius Annual Forecast

01.01.2019 to 5.11.2019

Transit of Jupiter brings fame and name to you. You will acquire authority and will expend your area of activity and business accordingly. You will also set to earn good money and will do good at professional front. You superiors and people at higher authority will praise your hard work and will agree with your plans. Your promotions is due and deserving then this is the time to ask for the same, there are greater chances that you mat get it now. You continue to work hard and will prepare grounds for future upliftments. This is really busy period for you. This transit will bring luck and fame to you. You will also show kindness and will be regarded by others for your behavior.

06.11.2019 to 31.12.2019

Transit of Jupiter will bring relief to you. You will get benefit from your friends and relatives. Your elders will advise you suitably good. You will have inclinations towards study of spiritual books and literature. Your children will be a source of happiness to you. Avoid lottery or gambling as it may not solve your money problems. If you are planning to visit some place for long then this is the time to fulfill your desire. You will have name and fame for your good work and charitable work done. A mixed period.

01.01.2019 to 31.12.2019

Transit of Saturn may pose some problems at professional front. You are advised not to make hasty decisions and to stay focused. This time will test your managing ability at professional level. You may need to apply your all good skills to remain in line with others and this time will bring and entirely new person from within you. You will become more resilient to changes and bad times. Utilize this time to concentrate on studies and learning. Always use fair means in competition otherwise there are fairly good chances that you may get caught in difficult situation. This transit may pose some problem to the health of your father and the elder persons from your family. Take care and spend some more time caring for them.

01.01.2019 to 06.03.2019

Transit of Rahu in sixth house may cause some tension at work front and you may fall into depression. You are advised not to over indulge in work as it may give strain to you and you may develop blood pressure related health problems. Also choose your friends wisely otherwise these friends will create problems for you. A good transit overall.

07.03.2019 to 31.12.2019

Fifth Rahu will create problems in studies of children and wrong decisions may lead to disaster. Your children require special attention as their acts may cause problems to you. They may fall ill or may face some accident. this situation to be avoided by dialogs and conversation. This transit will put some spiritual touch in you and you may start learning some religious book or may pay more attention in prayers and spiritual meetings etc. This is a good move. If situation arises, you should do something spiritual. This will help you get some mental peace. An overall good period.

01.01.2019 to 06.03.2019

Twelfth placed Ketu makes continuous progress in business. Things related to Ketu will prove to be really beneficial to you. You will earn quite a good amount of money and will remain financially sound throughout the period. Your family will progress and will have happiness and sound health. Time will look quite easy and supportive to you.

07.03.2019 to 31.12.2019

Ketu is friendly disposed in your eleventh house. You may come across several good people of opposite sex. You may have friendship with people of higher stature. Let bygone be bygone. This should be your motto. Plan for the future and work in right direction. Your right decisions today will make foundation for better tomorrow and will leads you to a prosper life.

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