Gemini Annual Forecast

01.01.2019 to 5.11.2019

Transit of Jupiter in sixth house will show many colours of life to you. You will involve yourself fully to the work and superiors and people in authority will appreciate your dedication. You will start thinking work as your first priority. This transit will prove good for your profession and career. Some people may become doubtful as you concentrate more on your work but do not care about them. Keep going. A wonderful transit for professionals. The same transit may not prove same fruitful if you are in business as even over indulgence may not bring good results. Your business may not see progress as you desire. You may face severe competitions from other businessmen and this may sometime create mental stress to you.

06.11.2019 to 31.12.2019

Transit of Jupiter will tend you to attract towards divinity. You will come in contact with spiritual people and will get happiness from it. You may perform holy activities at home also. This will bring all round happiness. If you are unmarried and eligible then during this transit you may get your life partner. Your name and fame will improve. You will stick to your principles and this will make others to respect you. You will never face problems of money. Your emotional needs will also be fulfilled. Your parents will be proud of you. Your friends will enjoy your company and will be happy to see you around. If you are employed then you can expect promotions, perks, recognitions and rewards. A happy period overall.

01.01.2019 to 31.12.2019

Transit of Saturn makes you honest and proud. This transit may not be good for your children. If you are expecting child during this period then special care and attention is on the cards. If you are student then during this period you may require to learn very hard to heat good marks. Offering coal to running water and read Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. This period may not be good for the health of your life partner. If you are a teacher or banl employee, you will improve your position. This period will help you get your own house. Therefore if you are planning to buy your own house then during this period you will fulfill your dreams.

01.01.2019 to 06.03.2019

Transit of Rahu in second house from your's is not good for you. You may fall in heavy debts. There may be problems of health in your family and relatives. There are greater chances of accidents in the family. You are advised to feed to the birds in the morning to avoid ill effect of Rahu. Your family life will remain as usual otherwise and there may be slight increase in your income. You should handle your funds very carefully and should avoid investment in ventures where there are chances of losses. You should invest your money only in secured ventures. You are also advised to keep your valuables in bank and to make secured money transactions. Do not believe anybody as far as money matters is concerned, listen to your heart and do things with utmost security.

07.03.2019 to 31.12.2019

Transit of Rahu may tend to make you little careless and proud. You will get fame. You may also not have interest in studies and therefore people appearing for higher education should meditate and concentrate more than usual to get good marks. You are advised to remain away from other people's business and unnecessary intervention may spoil your relationships. An overall average transit.

01.01.2019 to 06.03.2019

Ketu in eighth house makes your relatives suffer from loss of wealth. Your wife's health will be a cause of concern for you. Your children will also be problematic for you. Black and white coloured clothes donation will help to ward off ill effect of Ketu. Your luck will also play games with you. Family life may not be as happy as desired.

07.03.2019 to 31.12.2019

Seventh placed Ketu will improve your social position. There will be more happiness in your family life. You will spend your money on father and relatives and they will be good source of help in your lean period. You will be brave and will win in court cases and competitions. Your professional life will be smooth and happy. Financial position will also be good. Your life partner and children will be a source of happiness for you.

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