Saturday, September 10th, 2016

There are twelve houses in jyotish. We call it twelve bhavas. Each bhava has its significance. It represents some part of the native. We will discuss each house or bhava one by one.

Pratham Bhava(First house):
First house is called lagna or ascedent. It represent the native itself,its color, beauty, structure,mental and physical state etc. The planet in this house affects the native most.

Dwitiya Bhava(Second house):
Second house is also called dhan bhava as it represents the financial state of the native. whether native will be rich or poor. It also represents how the native will be brought up.

Tritiya Bhava(Third House):
This house is also called sahaj bhava. It represents brothers and sisters of native their cooperation. how many coborns the native will have. It also represents the relations between coborns and relatives.

Chaturth Bhava(Fourth House):
It is also called matra bhava. It represents the mother of native. It also represents comforts of the native. The plants placed in this house determine the comforts.

Pancham Bhava(Fifth house):
It also called putra bhava. It represents the children. How many children the native will have and when. all this is determined from fifth house. It also represents native’s education, love life and their relation with parents after marriage.

Shashth Bhava(Sixth house):
This house is also called the ripu bhava or enemy house as it represents the enemies. It shows whether he will have enemies or not if yes then how many. It also represents maternal uncle. This house also shows the path of life to the native.

Saptam Bhava(Seventh house):
It also called jeevan saathi bhava as it represents life partner. The planets in this house determine the married life of the native. It is also an important house as it is the responsible for the future development of the native.

Astam Bhava(Eighth house):
It is also called the mrityu bhava. This house also represents the inventions and expeditions. Buried money. building house, death, pleasure hunt, all is represented by this house.

Navam Bhava(Ninth house):
This house represents the fate of the native. It also makes one bent towards religion. It makes native analyse their good work and bad work.

Dasham Bhava(Tenth House):
This house represents the profession of the native. It determines what profession native will have and when he will start earning etc. It also called karma bhava.

Ekadash Bhava(Eleventh House):
It is also called laabh house as no planet in this house put bad effect on native. It determines how much friends the native will have.

Dwadash Bhava(Twelfth House):
It is also called the vyaya bhava or moksha bhava. It represents how the native will have expenses. It also shows the nature of death the native will have. Past, present and future birth is determined with this house.

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