Kaal Sarp Yog

Friday, September 9th, 2016

If in one’s astro chart all the planets are betweem Rahu( North Node) and Ketu( South Node ), then the native is said to have Kaal-Sarp yoga. Rahu and Ketu are not real planets. These are actually effects which happens due to relative motion of earth, sun and moon. These are also called shadow planets. As both planets are melific in nature,when all other planets are between them, they act like a snake, Rahu like head and ketu like tail. Planets in a chart having this yoga does not put effects as per their full strength even if they are well placed. Persons having this yoga suffers frequent setbacks. They find that they always have to struggle to acheive something. If Kal Sarp yoga is coupled with bad placement of some of other planets also, then these struggles become more frequent and life looks full of difficulties.

Now question arises, whether this Yoga is rare?. Answer is “NO”. There are so many people having this yoga. This yoga does not always mean failure. We have seen horroscope of people having this yoga but are successful and doing well .It means that person having this yoga needs to put some extra efforts in order to acheive something in comparison to others. Persons having this yoga always remain in some sort of tenshion and unrest. Delay in results, problem in relationships although not permanent, unrewarded hardwork are the effects generally seen due to Kaal Sarp Yoga. There is one interesting side of this effect also, as people having this Yoga also have reputation and fame. They also have a good circle of contacts. This effect of this yoga becomes prominent in Dasha of these two planets. Person need to be more cautious during Dasha of Rahu or Ketu.

A person having this yoga should read Hanuman Chalisa and should prey to Lord Hanuman. He or she should also feed to birds and fishes to reduce the ill effect. He should also perform special puja on the ocassion of nag panchami.

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