Friday, September 9th, 2016

It is also called the Mangal Dosha or Kunj Dosha. When in natal chart or horoscope, Mars( Mangal ) is situated in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, the native( person in question ) is said to have Mangal Dosha. As per ancient hindu belief, the people who have not treated their life partners properly in previous life, they gets the curse of Lord Hanuman and are affected with Mangal Dosha in this life. As per some astrologers if a non manglik person marries a Manglik person, he or she may suffer very badly. Therefore there is a custom to check manglik dosha before marriage( Largely in practice in case of arranged hindu marriages ). Out of the above said Mangal Doshas, it is considered fearce when mars is in first or seventh house. Marce is a hot planet and makes one volatile when it is in first house. Seventh house belongs to life partner hence Mars in this house may cause several problems after marriage.

So what shell we do when there is Mangal Dosha is there in our chart. First of all,we should not worry much as we will find lots of people having this problem, yes many. Why?. Because there are only twelve houses in horoscope and it’s presence in five houses(1,4,7,8 and 12th) makes one Manglik. So there will be lots of people suffering with this dosha. We should also see the positions of moon and venus. A well placed moon makes one person cool and calm as moon represents mind. A well placed moon reduces the impact of mars on mind. A well placed venus will increase physical pleasures as it represents pleasures. We should also see the navmasa chart, if a person is manglik in natal chart but is non manglik as per navmasa chart, he or she can marry with a non manglik person provided moon and venus are also well placed. We should also see if mars is present in which zodiac. In case of aries, being it’s own sign,the effect of mars becomes more prominent. In Leo, it provides lot of happiness and joy.

A manglik person should read Hanuman Chalisa and should prey to Lord Hanuman. He or she should also feed sweet bread to brown coloured cows to reduce the ill effect of Mars if any present in his or her chart.

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