Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Your Star Or Nakshtra:
As per Hindu jyotish there are twenty seven stars or nakshtra. As per Hindu mythology these nakshtras are daughters of King Daksha and all are married to moon. Therefore moon travels in each nakshtra one by one. Each nakshtra has a span of 13020. Hence each zodiac has two full and one partial nakshtra. Below given table explains it clearly.

1AshwinAries0° to 13°20'
2BharaniAries13°20'1" to 26°40'
3KritikaAries26°40'1" to 30°
Taurus0° to 10°
4RohiniTaurus10°0'1" to 23°20'
5MrigshiraTaurus23°20'1" to 30°
Gemini0°to 6°40'
6ArdraGemini6°40‘1“ to 20°
7PunarvasuGemini20°0‘1“to 30°
Cancer0°to 3°20'
8PushyaCancer3°20‘1“ to 16°40‘
9AshleshaCancer16°40‘1“ to 30°
10MaghaLeo0° to 13°20'
11Poorva-PhalguniLeo13°20'1" to 26°40'
12Uttra-PhalguniLeo26°40'1" to 30°
Virgo0° to 10°
13HasthVirgo10°0'1" to 23°20'
14ChitraVirgo23°20'1" to 30°
Libra0°to 6°40'
15SwatiLibra6°40‘1“ to 20°
16VishakhaLibra20°0‘1“to 30°
Scorpio0°to 3°20'
17AnuradhaScorpio3°20‘1“ to 16°40‘
18JyeshthaScorpio16°40‘1“ to 30°
19MoolaSaggitarius0° to 13°20'
20PoorvashadaSaggitarius13°20'1" to 26°40'
21UttrashadaSaggitarius26°40'1" to 30°
Capricorn0° to 10°
22ShravanaCapricorn10°0'1" to 23°20'
23DhanishthaCapricorn23°20'1" to 30°
Aquarius0°to 6°40'
24ShatbhishaAquarius6°40‘1“ to 20°
25Poorva-BhadrapadaAquarius20°0‘1“to 30°
Pisces0°to 3°20'
26Uttra-BhadrapadaPisces3°20‘1“ to 16°40‘
27RevatiPisces16°40‘1“ to 30°

It is very easy to find out your nakshtra. Just get the rise of moon in your sign and see it in the chart. For example if moon is rising at 1402210in Scorpio then as per chart your nakshtra will be Anuradha. As simple as that.

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