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Our planets
There are nine major planets in astrology or jyotish. Sun is a star but it is also considered as planet although it has the most significant place above all the planets. The major planets in our solar system are sun, moon, Jupiter, mars, mercury, venus and Saturn. There are two shadow planets also .These are Rahu(north node) and Ketu(south node). Actually these are not planets. These are effects created by the relative movement of moon and earth. The native represents earth or portion of earth. Now we will discuss all the planets one by one in detail.

(1) Sun(Surya):
Sun is considered the strongest of all planets. It represents the life of the native. Strong sun makes native healthy and free from all diseases. It belongs to east direction as it rises in the east. It is lord of Aries or mesh zodiac sign. So it is benific when it is in Aries. It is melific when it is in libra. Its friendly planets are moon and mars. Venus,Saturn and Rahu are supposed to be its enemy planets. It makes one warrior. It develops confidence in native and helps them to progress.

Scientists believe that moon actually does not belong to solar system. It came here roaming in the space and get caught in the system. It start circulating around earth. As per Hindu mythology he was adopted son of Anusuya. It represents white color. It is very mobile. Hence strong moon in one’s chart makes native naughty in childhood and a good traveler in later age. It is lord of cancer or Karka zodiac. It is benific in Taurus and melific in Scorpio. Its friends are sun and mercury. It only has enmity with Rahu.It makes Grahan yoga when placed with Rahu or north node.

It represents soldiers. It represents red color. We all know today that mars is of red color. It belongs to south direction. It puts most effect on younger people. It is benific in Capricorn or Makara zodiac and melific in cancer. It gives good results in benific houses and very bad results in melific signs It gives courage and confidence to the native. Mars have different effects in different houses. We will discuss it in separate lesson.

It symbolizes yellow color. It is male planet and represents the businessmen. Blood circulation in native is directed by this planet. It gives soft nature,sweet voice,helping attitude and tendency to learn the facts of life to the native. As per Jyotish it is ruling planet of Sagittarius(Dhanu) and Pieces(Meena) signs. It is benific in cancer and melific in Capricorn. As per jyotish it has friendship with sun,moon and mars. It has enmity with mercury and venus. But i personally believe that all the planets may not be friend of Jupiter but no planet have enmity with it. This is the biggest of all the planets. We know very well that at several occasions Jupiter has saved our planet from comets by attracting them towards it. It is the most benefic planet of all. It also represents your teachers and your priests. As per Hindu mythology it is Guru(the holy teacher) of gods.

It represents green colour and considered as prince among all the planets. It represents the sensitivity of the native. It also symbolizes the education and mental ability of the native. It is ruling planet of Gemini(Mithuna) and Virgo(Kanya). It is benific in Virgo and melific in pieces(Meena). Its friendly planets are sun,venus and Rahu(north node). It has enmity with moon. But there is no vise-versa.

As per Hindu mythology venus or shukra is religious teacher of demons. It represents brahmins and white color. In one’s horoscope it represents its life partner, physical happiness,luxury etc. It is ruling planet of Taurus(Vrishabha) and Libra(Tula) signs. It is benific in pieces and melific in Virgo(Kanya).Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets. Sun and moon are supposed to its enemy.

This planet is blue in color hence the color it represents. As per Hindu mythology Saturn is son of the sun. it helps native to do hard work, to love others, to understand this world with different attitude. Strong Saturn gives few but true friends. It makes native to understand the value of mutual understanding and love. It represents west direction As per jyotish it is ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac. It is benific in libra(Tula) and melific in Aries(Mesha). Mercury and venus are friends of Saturn. Sun,moon and mars are supposed to be enemy of it. It is lord of so called downtrodden people.

(8)Rahu(North node):
In western astrology it is also called dragon’s head. It is a shadow planet. As per Hindu mythology Rahu was killed because of its distrust with gods and moon is responsible for its death but it didn’t died because of consuming the liquid of immortality and since then roaming in space to get the revenge from moon. It makes native restless and prompts him for roaming. It reduces peace in his life and makes him involve in quarrels. because of the effect of this planet the native spends sleepless nights. It is benific in Gemini and melific in Sagittarius.

(9)Ketu(south node):
In western astrology it is also called dragon’s tail. As per Hindu mythology it is dead body of Rahu without head. Head is Rahu. It was considered holy as it was killed by lord Vishnu. Hence it gives native the holiness. It is ruling planet of priests and sadhus. It helps in meditation and religious tasks. It also belongs to west direction. Its effect gives bad memory as it does not has head. native does all work without applying brain and gets poor results. Skin diseases are caused due to melific effect of this planet. It is benific in Sagittarius and melific in Gemini sign.

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