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Business now a days has taken the central stage in the development of any economy. As several countries have adopted the open economy policy, more and more small and medium entrepreneurs are entering into the business. Although all business does not meet success even after careful planning and sufficient funds.
Success of business depends on several factors and choice of such factors is not always easy. A wrong decision today may bring poor results in the business tomorrow. We at Jagdish Jyotish Astro Point analyze business with respect to the horoscope of the individual and advise for the common questions related to it.
Some of such questions are-

  1. Whether I should do business or job?
  2. Which type of business will be suitable for me?
  3. Should i start business alone or should go for partnership?
  4. How successful my current business will be?
  5. When will i get rid of debts?

and other questions like these…….

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