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A person is manglik if his mars is in 2nd,4th,7th,8th or 12th house. There are several misconceptions about manglik yoga in our country. Through our research, we have seen that many people with manglik yoga go on to lead happy personal and social life. That happens due to several other planetary combinations and merely presence of mars in the above said house does not lead to problems in married life.

Astrologers at webnirman will analyze your birth chart and will find out the extent of effect this yoga will have in your chart. They will first analyze if there is this yoga in your chart and then will use ancient theories related to this yoga for cancelation. Following type of typical questions can be answered through Manglik Yoga Analysis service.

Am I manglik?

Can I marry a non manglik person?

Does manglik yoga has bad effect on my married life?

Can i marry this person, he/she is manglik?

Is there any puja/remedy for my manglik dosha?

and other questions like these…….

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