Rudrakash Mala


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According to Shiv Puran, lord shiva meditated for a long long time for the betterment of all. When he opened his eyees after such a long meditation, warm air got in contact with eyes and tears started falling on earth from his eyes. Where these tears fell, tree of rudraksh started growing.

Hindu community is wearing these rudrakash from long time for their health, wealth and overall betterment. Rudraksha is considered as lord shiva itself and possessing rudraksha means possessing the blessings of Rudra. Rudraksha is found in several faces( 1 to 14 is common). Each type of rudraksha represents different deity and is worn for different purposes.

We provide rudraksh mala in 4mm,5mm and 7mm of 5 mukhi bead size. Each mala  have 108 rudraksha beads. This mala can be used for everyday wearing or for puja purpose. It is also used for reciting mantras. Wearing this mala will help taking correct decisions, will help recovering from diseases and saves from sufferings.

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4mm, 5mm, 7mm

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