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Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of Ramcharitmanas written by Goswami Tulsidas and is dedicated to the praise of lord Hanuman. Following are the important points for reciting Sunderkand-

1.Sunderkand can be recited any day and any time by a man but for woman, restrictions are there during their difficult days.

2.For very small children, their parents can recite on their behalf.

3. It is best to light a pure ghee deepak in front of a picture of lord hanuman before starting the sunderkand path.

4.It is always good to recite full sunderkand in one sitting but if there is shortage of time, it can be recited in parts in several days. Avoid break in between successive parts.

5.Keep Sunderkand book in a red cloth.

6. You need to remain vegetarian during the days of recitation.

7.Repeat recitation if required(If problem is quite big)

8.New home,new office or new location needs to be purified by reciting sunderkand.


Reciting sunderkand has benefits beyond imagination. It helps when-

1. One is feeling low self confidance

2. One is having fear of enemies

3. One is facing court cases and legal difficulties

4. One is finding it difficult to get rid of disease

5. One is facing problems due to malefic effects of Rahu, Saturn or Mars

6. One wants to enhance wealth and prosperity

7. One wants religious and peaceful atmosphere at home

8. One wants to become fearless and motivated.

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