Sade Saati of Saturn

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Saturn, also known as Shani in Hindu mythology is considered as most dreaded planet. Therefore it is also most talked about and most studied by astrologers,jyotishies, sadhus and saints. Shani is regarded and respected as God in India. It is son of sun. Sade-Saati means the period of seven and a half year of influence under saturn. Actually the period of Sade-Saati depends on your moon sign or placement of moon in your natal chart. Moon sign is always important for important astrological calculations as moon represents mind and mind controls your body, emotions and eventually life depends on it.

Saturn being far away from sun moves rather slowly in zodiac. Saturn crosses one zodiac in aprximately 2.5 years and it reaches in the same zodiac after 30 years. Saturn’s transit in twelfth from moon sign, moonsign and next from moon sign comprises the period of Sade Saati. It means that 2.5 years of one sign before moonsign, 2.5 years of moonsign and 2.5 years of sign next to moon sign together form a 7.5 years of Sade Saati. If placement of Saturn is good in natal chart or if it is aspected by good planets then bad effect of Sade Saati will be lower than usual. It is considard that Sade Saati is a testing period of individual’s will power and mental strength. Lots of hard work and mental temperament is required to sustain the effect of Sade Saati.

Saturn itself is not a bad planet. It is very difficult to please Saturn only through puja or offerings. Saturn acts like a judge when it comes for decision. If one has done good work in past will be rewarded and if one has not done good work will definitely suffer. During first 2.5 years it looks that bodily suffering are more, next 2.5 years are of suffering related to stomach and related body parts,next 2.5 years casts effect on mind and thinking power. Poor placement of Saturn in natal chart or aspect by malefic planets worsens the situations.

Although no remedy can nullify the effect of saturn in sade saati, one facing the period of sade saati should regularly visit Shani temple or Hanuman temple on Saturdays. He or she should also offer their reflection in mustard oil,should make sweet food fried in that oil and should feed that to cows and poor children. If saturn’s placement is not good in natal chart then one should also offer wooden coal in running water.

Till now we have discussed only the bad part of Sade Saati, but every coin has two faces. Sade saati has a good angle also. It makes you realise the value of life and value of being a good person. It brings a good person out of you. You also starts understanding the relationships more clearly as only real well wishers will remain with you during this period. Other’s will just try to stay away from you. You will also learn to tackle the hardships of life.

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