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Know your sign:Zodiac
There are total twelve zodiac signs in astrology. In Indian astrology or jyotish we call it moon sign as in jyotish we ascertain moon sign. Hence your moon sign is that sign in which the moon is placed. For example if your moon is in Scorpio, your zodiac sign will be Scorpio.
we will consider space as two dimensional plane and earth being at the center of that plane. So we can divide that plane of 360 degrees in twelve equal parts. Each part is of 30 degrees and will represent on zodiac.

Distribution of zodiac will be like this–

Mesha(Aries)0° to 30°
Vrashabh(Taurus)30°0'1" to 60°
Mithuna(Gemini)60°0'1" to 90°
Karka(Cancer)90°0'1" to 120°
Simha(Leo)120°0'1" to 150°
Kanya(Virgo)150°0'1" to 180°
Tula(Libra)180°0'1" to 210°
Vrishik(Scorpio)210°0'1" to 240°
Dhanu(Saggitarius)240°0'1" to 270°
Makara(Capricorn)270°0'1" to 300°
Kumbha(Aquarius)300°0'1" to 330°
Meena(Pisces)330°0'1" to 360°

Now let us know each zodiac one by one.

Lord of this sign is mars. It represents head. It’s gender is male. It is a moving sign. Its element is fire. Its symbol is sheep head. If you see the night sky above,you will find that some stars are making the outline of sheep. That portion is known as Mesha zodiac or Aries. Person borne in this zodiac are generally brave . The always stick to their decisions. The native always takes his decisions on its own. The native has interest in science and technology. He is also a born fighter and never accepts defeat.. Native is more or less independent.

Vrishabh means Ox. There is a portion in night sky which makes outline of an ox. this portion is called Vrashabh or Taurus zodiac. Lord of this zodiac sign is venus. It represents face. Its gender is female. It is a stationary nature sign. Its element is earth. The native sticks to his principles and decisions. Native does not depends on others for any work. He always faces difficulties with patience and will power. They always have strong likes and dislikes. they are marvelous hosts. They know how to treat the guests. They have very good tendency to keep every thing in its place and to maintain every thing properly.

Mithuna means pair. So the sign of this zodiac is. It symbolizes production. Its ruling planet is mercury. It represents hands. It is male in gender. It is a dual nature zodiac. Its element is air. In sky where the stars makes the outline of pair, there this zodiac is. The persons belong to this zodiac will have a happy married life. Native will have more than average attraction towards opposite sex. Native will look gentle and calm but will be very curious about others. Native will have good built and excellent beauty. It reflects in their self-confidence also. Native will have very good life partner and good children. Native will always try to attract others.

Karka means crab. In the sky the stars make outline of crab. This zodiac is there itself. Its lord or ruling planet is moon. It represents breasts. It is a female sign. Its nature is stationary. Its element is water. People born under this sign have both good and bad fortune. The people born under this sign have tremendous power to suffer odds against them up to any extent. Hence some times it becomes their habit to accept what will be below their expectation. They never complain. They always try to make every body happy. This sometimes make them unhappy for a long period. This doesn’t mean that they are cowered. Instead they are quite brave. These people are more generous and they gain popularity and fame if they get into the right group of people. They are sharp minded and always do their work with wisdom.

Its lord or ruling planet is sun. It represents heart. Its gender is male. By nature it is a stationary sign. Its element is fire. Verbal meaning of simha is lion,king of the jungle. In night sky, where the stars makes the outline of lion, this sign remains there itself. The people born in this sign generally have the habits of lion itself. They are little volatile in nature. It is difficult to control them. Native will be very good at health front and will have very impressive voice. Native always tries to keep serious attitude. This sign makes a person deciplined. Native always faces odds with courage and always gets victory over that. He always likes to help the needy. Native will have good knowledge also.

Its lord or ruling planet is mercury. It represents stomach. It is a female sign. By nature it is a dual nature sign. Its element is earth. Kanya means virgin girl or Virgo. It symbolizes a girl having lamp in hand, sitting in a boat. So in night sky try to outline this sign and find out. The person borned in this sign is very generous and very gentleman. They are soft in nature and easily becomes restless when find problem. They cannot even see their enemy in problem and may help them to get out of that problem. They do not oppose the bad behavior of other but feel very dejected and gets hurt. They always try to avoid quarrels. They do not have any interest in court cases. They easily understand what is in the mind of others.

Its ruling planet is venus. It represents abdomen. It is a male sign and by nature it is a moving sign. It represents air element. Verbal meaning of tula is scale. So in night sky this sign is where the stars makes the outline of scale. In zodiac its symbol is a man with scale in his hand. The persons belong to this sign are firm believer of laws and always try to abide by them. The native can be a good businessman. The native always prefer fair dealing that means he will not leave his money on others nether he will let others take away his money. The native will be intelligent will save them from various traps. They are very good at behavior and people likes taking to them.

Its lord or ruling planet is mars. It represents sexual organs. It is a female sign. By nature it is a stationary sign. Its representative element is water. Vrischik means Scorpio. In night sky the stars makes the outline of Scorpio. The person borned with this sign will have the nature of Scorpio itself. The native belong to this sign always speaks the truth but their tone is very unpleasant or unacceptable. Even if they speak in gentle language it will contain jokes on others which makes others unhappy. Therefore Scorpio persons will have very few friends but those few friends will be extremely loyal to him and vise-versa. Native will have very attractive outlook and very attractive eyes. Everybody knows that they always tells truth therefore even opponents likes them and admires them some way or other. Scorpio people can be a very good friend and very dangerous enemy.

Dhanu means bow. But in astrology its sign is a horse with man in place of its head and that man has bow in his hands. So in the night sky the stars makes the outline of this sign. The native has good built, strong power,courage and happy face. But still native lacks at the front of its tongue. That is its speech or voice will not be that much effective. Sometimes native becomes over confident about his powers and tries to become dictator and this tendency makes him unpopular. They can not hear their insult or bad remarks. They always tries to take revenge from enemies. They have very sharp sight and good perception. Other peoples are always suspicious about them as they always have smile on their face.

Its ruling planet is Saturn. It represents knees. It is a female sign. It is a movable sign. It represents earth element. Its verbal meaning is crocodile. But in jyotish its picture is not totally of crocodile. Its head is that if a deer. In night sky the stars makes the outline of this sign. The native belong to this sign will have the mixed nature of deer and crocodile. The native very well understands the needs of the hour and they way he should behave to make every thing all right. Several times in his life native faces ups and downs. This makes him little pessimistic. But ultimately he come out of every situation as a winner.

Its ruling planet is also Saturn like Capricorn. It represents ankle. It is a male sign. It is stationary in nature and its element is air. Kumbh means pitcher made of metal or Kalash. Its picture is a man having a metal pitcher on his shoulder. In night sky stars makes the out line of a pitcher and hence the sign is. Aquarions are full of magnetic power. People easily gets attracted to them and agrees to them rather quickly. These people are good leaders and always have large number of followers and supporters. But they always live in despair as their luck does not favors them always. They used to see several ups and downs in their life. They always find good friends in their life and they always help them in poor conditions. They are very susceptible for chronic diseases.

Its ruling planet is Jupiter. It represents feet. It is a female sign. By nature it is dual in nature. Its element is water. Its verbal meaning is fish. Its picture is that two fishes are swimming opposite to each other. Hence this sign in night sky will be where the stars makes outline of two opposite fishes. The person belonging to this sign are very gentle and helping people. It is their hobby to help others. They even help people when they them self are in bad conditions. On the other hand they do not want to elaborate their goodness. They are really good friends and good people.


Elements(तत्त्व ) of different Rashis

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