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Know your sign:Zodiac There are total twelve zodiac signs in astrology. In Indian astrology or jyotish we call it moon sign as in jyotish we ascertain moon sign. Hence your moon sign is that sign in which the moon is placed. For example if your moon is in Scorpio, your zodiac sign will be Scorpio. we will consider space as two dimensional plane and earth being at the center of that plane. So we can divide that plane of 360 degrees in twelve equal parts. Each part is of 30 degrees and will re... Read more
Find your parameters in horoscope There are different parameters in one's horoscope in jyotish. Sometimes people thinks how to know about these parameters. This lesson deals with the knowledge of these parameters. Let us take these parameters in detail. These parameters are based on your moon sign and nakshtra.     Read more
There are twelve houses in jyotish. We call it twelve bhavas. Each bhava has its significance. It represents some part of the native. We will discuss each house or bhava one by one. Pratham Bhava(First house): First house is called lagna or ascedent. It represent the native itself,its color, beauty, structure,mental and physical state etc. The planet in this house affects the native most. Dwitiya Bhava(Second house): Second house is also called dhan bhava as it represents the f... Read more
Kaal Sarp Yog
If in one's astro chart all the planets are betweem Rahu( North Node) and Ketu( South Node ), then the native is said to have Kaal-Sarp yoga. Rahu and Ketu are not real planets. These are actually effects which happens due to relative motion of earth, sun and moon. These are also called shadow planets. As both planets are melific in nature,when all other planets are between them, they act like a snake, Rahu like head and ketu like tail. Planets in a chart having this yoga does not put effects ... Read more
Our planets There are nine major planets in astrology or jyotish. Sun is a star but it is also considered as planet although it has the most significant place above all the planets. The major planets in our solar system are sun, moon, Jupiter, mars, mercury, venus and Saturn. There are two shadow planets also .These are Rahu(north node) and Ketu(south node). Actually these are not planets. These are effects created by the relative movement of moon and earth. The native represents earth or p... Read more
Your Star Or Nakshtra: As per Hindu jyotish there are twenty seven stars or nakshtra. As per Hindu mythology these nakshtras are daughters of King Daksha and all are married to moon. Therefore moon travels in each nakshtra one by one. Each nakshtra has a span of 13020'. Hence each zodiac has two full and one partial nakshtra. Below given table explains it clearly. It is very easy to find out your nakshtra. Just get the rise of moon in your sign and see it in the chart. For exampl... Read more
Sade Saati of Saturn
Saturn, also known as Shani in Hindu mythology is considered as most dreaded planet. Therefore it is also most talked about and most studied by astrologers,jyotishies, sadhus and saints. Shani is regarded and respected as God in India. It is son of sun. Sade-Saati means the period of seven and a half year of influence under saturn. Actually the period of Sade-Saati depends on your moon sign or placement of moon in your natal chart. Moon sign is always important for important astrological calcula... Read more
It is also called the Mangal Dosha or Kunj Dosha. When in natal chart or horoscope, Mars( Mangal ) is situated in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, the native( person in question ) is said to have Mangal Dosha. As per ancient hindu belief, the people who have not treated their life partners properly in previous life, they gets the curse of Lord Hanuman and are affected with Mangal Dosha in this life. As per some astrologers if a non manglik person marries a Manglik person, he or s... Read more


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